Stop wasting money on utility bills

Learn how to reduce your energy and water and save money.

What is BillBuddy?

BillBuddy is an online web and mobile app designed to help low income households and those experiencing financial hardship reduce their utility bills and the cost of living, while also reducing their environmental impact.

This pilot project was made possible by our Community Service NFP Partners and the WA Government, through Lotterywest. Lotterywest supports community projects like this one, helping to build a better WA together.

Our Partners

  • Access Housing
  • Anglicare FCN
  • Climate Clever
  • logo-chl-color
    Community Housing Ltd
  • Lotterywest
  • Mercy Care
  • Rise
  • UnitingWA

How can I join BillBuddy?

During the 12 month pilot program, clients of our partners are able to sign up for free.

If you are a client of any of our partners, please get in contact with them and ask about joining!

At the end of the pilot, we will be looking to make the BillBuddy App available to other relevant WA-based community service NFP organisations.

If you are interested in being involved in the future, please register your interest below. If you have any questions, feel free to get in contact with us at

If you would like to be part of our BillBuddy community Facebook group, you can join below.

How the BillBuddy App works.

  • Measure

    Track your electricity, gas and water consumption, costs and carbon emissions. Compare yourself with others.

  • Audit

    Understand how your appliances are contributing to your energy and water consumption. Compare your appliances to others.

  • Action

    Learn how to systematically reduce your utility bills. Assign tasks, set due dates, monitor progress and share experiences.

  • Measure your impact

    • Track your electricity, gas and water consumptions and costs
    • Calculate your carbon footprint
    • Compare your results with others
  • Save money AND the planet

    • Make quick savings with free actions from our BillBuddy community
    • Reinvest savings into retrofits and upgrades recommended by others
    • Manage your action plan online and watch your savings grow
  • Be a part of a growing BillBuddy community

    • Join a movement of people actively reducing their utility bills and carbon footprint
    • Share and learn from others' experiences and celebrate collective achievements


The BillBuddy App has been developed by ClimateClever and is based on years of research and pilots though Curtin University, where it was first created to help schools reduce their carbon footprint and save money.

In April 2019, a consortium of community service NFPs including Rise, UnitingWA, MercyCare, Financial Counsellors Network, Access Housing, and Community Housing Limited, won a generous grant from Lotterywest.

The purpose of Lotterywest is to enhance the quality of life and wellbeing for all West Australians through funding and support.

This exciting project has enabled the NFP consortium, together with ClimateClever, to adapt their App to create a tailored Home version to specifically assist WA community services NFP organisations to help their clients, including people on lower incomes and those experiencing financial hardship, to reduce their electricity, gas and water bills and increase household affordability.

The decision of each NFP within the consortium to participate in this project also reflects their commitment to addressing sustainability and the critical issue of climate change.

The project has engaged our NFP partner’s staff and clients in the design, development and testing of the App.

Start saving money today!